Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Allen Chiu

Allen and I recently completed the first visual offering on the new project. He's currently a senior at Syracuse University. Ousman connected us to continue the visual stories of what my music entails. I get along great with him; our relationship isn't industry forced and I believe that we both genuinely respects and like each other's artistry. I appreciate what he brings to the table as far as visual artistry and can't wait to deliver the work we've done and will do to the people.

Check out more of his work here

Monday, October 26, 2015

SOYL (Supporting Our Young Leaders) 11/13/15

Proud to announce the launch of SOYL (Supporting Our Young Leaders). SOYL is a free monthly lecture series designed to connect college students with local entrepreneurs.

Each month, three presenters (one student, one local businessperson, and one entrepreneur) present for 15 minutes each on a particular theme. After all three present, attendees and presenters participate in 30 minutes of networking. 

The theme for November 2015 is Finding Your Niche

Founders: Kevin Caiborne, Seth Dollar Colton, Cristian Kaigler, and Darrius Ford

Friday, October 16, 2015

Break The Beat

Tonight was a good night. I had fun performing at Schine Underground for the first time. There are still many things that need tweaking in my live show as I'm still learning and developing as an artist. I feel as though when I'm on stage I take a full entertaining approach and get lost in what's happening. It's a balance of that that enables an artist to put on a 100 percent full on great experience. Some nights things may not go our way, but we as artist have to balance that. The show must go on. I appreciate and thank everyone who came out. Grow with me.